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October 29, 30 & 31th  in Cartagena (Spain), experts from Spain (UCAM), Poland, Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Greece and Cyprus participated in the Transnational Meeting of the European Erasmus + Trainer 1.0 Beta project.

Project led by the Polish association IRONMAN does have as organizing partner, UCAM Cartagena.

The project is based on promoting the dual career (Studies-sport) given the secondary importance for athletes between 14 and 18 years. For these reasons, the general objective of the Trainer 1.0 BETA project is to promote positive behaviors among young athletes, focusing on obtaining their first technical knowledge of the sport as coaches.

It aims to raise awareness and raise awareness of the need for young European athletes to think of an “exit strategy” within the world of sport, identifying and formalizing a form (Trainer 1.0 BETA model), which is validated at EU level by experts in education and training and sports federations. The project will test the Trainer 1.0 BETA model in different EU countries by training pilot experiences in sports training, aimed at young athletes, interested in professional training as a sports technician in football, Basketball, Handball and Volleyball.

This training includes in the program for young trainers, a seminar / workshop dedicated to individual professional planning. The program of this workshop will be prepared on the basis of previous projects, already implemented and validated by Erasmus + Sport Collaborative Partnerships. The project attempts to establish local promotional campaigns, coordinated at EU level, capable of identifying a “testimony” (level athletes) and “using it” as a model for young generations, oriented towards communication and social networks, aimed at promoting sports culture and the need to think about an alternative career after sport.


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