he 8th Annual EAS Conference was successfully held from 15th-17th September in Newcastle Upon Tyne and hosted by TASS.

It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces and there was a warm welcome to all new participants. EAS would like to thank all of the conference delegates, speakers and staff for their contribution and work which made the event a success.

This year it was great to gain an insight in to the facilitation of dual career outside Europe, namely in Canada and Japan. There has been nothing but positive feedback regarding the presentations of these models. Further, the presentation from Adecco was well received and appreciated as it is often easy to over look the importance of an athlete’s life beyond their sport and the positive impact that they can have on the workplace.

It was also beneficial to receive presentations from some familiar European faces and to understand the position that dual career plays within their countries and organisations.

Many thanks go to all speakers and to the delegates for their enthusiasm for the dual career project.

The EAS general meeting was also a success. The new EAS statutes were adopted which we hope will allow EAS to stand up equally amongst other European organisations. Further, it is a great pleasure to announce that Dr.Tibor Kozsla from Hungary will be the next EAS president when Bengt Nybelius steps down at the end of this year.

Many thanks and warm feelings go to Bengt for all his kind and hard efforts as EAS president. In other news, we are pleased to announce that The University of Latvia, Riga will host the next annual EAS conference.

Please note that the presentations from the conference will soon be available here on the new EAS website.

For any questions regarding the conference or EAS, please contact Geri Buckley (EAS Administrator directly) on

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