Dear Friends and Colleagues and Partners,

The EAS Network improved its organization in 2016 by establishing its legal seat in Malta. Furthermore, our Treasurer, Prof. Mojca Doupona-Topic (University of Ljubljana), is from now on taking care of the EAS Secretariat.

Finally, we are busy with the relaunch of our website, which will probably be launched at the end of January 2017 (

Little review on activities of EAS

Last September, the majority of EAS members participated in the 13. Annual Conference in Rovaniemi to “Enhancing European Partnerships in Sports and Education”. We again success full shared information on the evolution of best practices and current European projects on dual career, and strengthened their networking for future projects.

EAS collaborated to the recently published European “Study on Sport Qualifications Acquired Through Sport Organisations and (Sport) Educational Institutes” and to the “WINNER Project”, which entered its final phase. EAS also support current European projects on dual career. In particular, EAS has been invited to the International Conference “Dual Career of Athletes: Challenges and Reality” organized within the DC4AC project, and to the mooc camp of the AtLETyc project.

At European level, EAS participated as an observer to the meetings of the Expert Group Human Resources Development in Sport, to the European Parliament events “Qualifications/Dual Career in Sports” and “Dual Careers-How to Combine Education and Work with Sport?”, and to the hearing “Integrated approach to Sport Policy. Good governance, accessibility and integrity”. EAS participated also in the events of the EPAS Consultative Committee and most recently, in December, on occasion of the Youth Sport Conference 2016 in Ljubljana, EAS and EUSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will open new options for DC development and research in HEI all over Europe.

EAS has been invited to the 2016 EU Sport Forum in The Hague, to the Conference “The European Dimension of Promoting Dual Careers in Sport” in Luxemburg, the “2016 FISU Forum” in Montpellier, the “Sports Seminar During and after Sports Career” in Zagreb, the “International Athlete Services Forum (IASF) 2016” in Singapore, the EPAS Conference “Newly arrived migrants and their integration via sport” in Vienna. In all above mentioned conferences and meetings EAS board members had been able to present EAS as an Network of experts in the field of “Dual Career” and raise the awareness of the impact the network can give to the development of adapted DC programs in the member states.

The 2017 Annual Conference of EAS will be held from the 12th of 14th September in Aarhus, Denmark, the European Capital of Culture 2017, incorporated in the European Sport Summit in European Sport.

We want to thank all the universities, high schools, sport organizations, conference organizers, and partner organizations for working together and we invite you to strengthen your efforts in dual career in 2017.

The Executive board wish you and your families a peaceful Holiday Season and is looking forward to work again with you all, for our common target.


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