Multiplier Sports Event “USI Championships” took place 25 May in Salzburg. About 200 participants enjoyed numerous disciplines (e.g. Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Run2Hero parkour) and a evening celebration.

At the AMiD info point, AMiD was promoted and findings shared with athletes, students, and Dual Career interested people. We talked with with many people about Dual Careers, the AMiD project, disseminated information, activities, and results. We collected 65 signatures from participants supporting the AMiD project.

Since 5 February 2019, Serbia joined the Erasmus+ Programme as a Programme Country and it is fully ready to join 2019 Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnership proposals in dual career of athletes.

On May 20, 2019, at the City Hall or Nis, Serbia, the EAS role and activities in dual career have been presented to the City authorities (Marina Kostic, Assistant Mayor for the information and public relations; Goran Milosavljevic, Assistant Mayor for the economical development; Marija Ciric, representative of the The school administration of the Nisava Administrative District; Jelena Cvorovic, representative of the Regional business chamber for the sector of dual education; Vesna Stojanovic, representative of the local office of the Ministry of education, science and technological development) and representatives of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Nis (Mirsad Nurkic, PhD, Vice Dean for education; Nenad Stojiljkovic, PhD, Vice Dean for the science and international cooperation; Petar Mitic, PhD, assistant professor of Sports psychology; Nemanja Stankovic, PhD, assistant professor of Combat sports; and Mladen Zivkovic, PhD, assistant professor of Anthropomotoric).

During that meeting EAS President Prof. Capranica was able to disseminate the activities of EAS in the recent EU projects like AMID, EMPATIA, EU-Media, DONA and STARTING11. As a result of that, the University of Nis will apply for being a new member within the EAS network, as first serbian institution.


Prof. Laura Capranica and Prof. Antonio Figueiredo represented EAS as observers at the 4th meeting of the European Commission Expert Group “Skills and Human Resources Development in Sport” held in Lisbon, Portugal on May 15-16, 2019.

The agenda included three main issues: Dual career; Education of coaches; and Qualifications and skills in sport. At the National High Performance Center of Lisbon the dual career best practices in Portugal and the Portuguese FIFPro Soccer Players.

During the session on Education of coaches, the Guidelines regarding the basic requirements in skills and competences for coaches have been discussed. Then, the advancements on studies on Qualifications, skills, and employment in European sport as well as the best practices in the Czech Republic have been reported. Finally, information on the Portuguese Sport System was provided.

On May 7, 2019 the EAS President Laura Capranica participated to the Bureau of the EPAS Consultative Committee of the Council of Europe (Chair Jens Sejer Andersen, Play the Game; Carlos Cardoso, ENGSO; Paulina Tomczyk, EU Athletes; Annette Wachter, EGLSF; Michael Trinker, EPAS).

It was organized in Paris in preparation of the 13th meeting of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) Governing Board (joint meeting with the EPAS Consultative Committee) of the Council of Europeto be held in Strasbourg next June 5-6, 2019.

During the meeting, the aims and activities the EU-funded projects AMID, Ed-Media, EMPATIA, More Than Gold, SoS, Starting 11 have been disseminated.

On April 25-27, 2019 Grand INSEP hosted the EAS Executive Board in its outstanding facilities in Paris, France.

During the meeting the 2018 activity and financial reports of the Network have been approved, the advancements of the EuropeanCollaborative Partnerships AMID, EMPATIA, DONA, ED-MEDIA, MORE THAN GOLD, STARTING11, and SOS have been illustrated, and the activities in preparation to the EAS 2019 Conference in Falun, Sweden have been agreed.

A special thank goes to Laurence Blondel who also agreed to represent EAS in the AMID project.

On April 23-25 the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance (INSEP) hosted in its wonderful high performance center in Paris, France, the third transnational meeting of the European project Education Model for Parents of AThletes IAcademics (EMPATIA).

Coordinated by the University of Ljubljana (SLO), the Partners (European Athlete as Student – EAS – Network, MLT; European University Sports Association – EUSA – Institute, SLO; Ginásio Clube Figueirense, POR; INSEP, FRA; Italian National Olympic Committee, CONI, ITA; Sport Ireland Institute, IRL; University of Coimbra, POR; University of Limerick IRL; University of Rome Foro Italico, ITA) discussed the activities of the EMPATIA project and analysed the contributions of the 483 French, Irish, Italian, Portuguese and Slovenian parents who participated in the concept mapping on the educational needs of dual career parenting. 


Based on the parents’ views, the EMPATIA Team is developing and online educational programme for parents supporting athletes as studentsMore information on the project are available at the EMPATIA website or follow the project on

Facebook and

twitter @EmpatiaSport

Dear EAS Members and Friends,
the EAS Executive Committee wishes you a peaceful 2019 Easter and takes the opportunity to update you.
Recent activities
  • January 31-February 1: The EU-funded project Dual Career for Women Athletes (DONA) kicked off in Istres (France). Coordinated by the Associació Esportiva Carles Vallbona and involving the Associação Aventura com Carisma-Leixoes Sport Club, the De SportMaatschappij Foundation, EAS (represented by Mojca Doupona and Joerg Foerster), the Malta Volleyball Association, the Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini Soc. Coop. Sociale SD, the University of Ljubljana, DONA aims to envisage, develop, and test a dual career methodology at club level for empowering women’s volleyball player as students.
  • February 5: The EAS President laura Capranica attended the EU SPORTinfoday in Brussels, Belgium, which is the annual event to update on 2019 funding opportunities and EU priorities in sports (more information is available at:
  • February 6-7: The kick off meeting of the EU-funded Starting 11 project was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Coordinated by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and involving Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband (ADH), CREPS Toulouse, EAS (represented by Laura Capranica and Ole Keldorf), Sportlycée Luxembourg, Sports Aid Trust (TASS), Starting 11 aims to aims create a online European Dual Career Toolkit tailored to the specific demand of European dual career service providers.
  • February 10-11: The University of Latvia (coordinator) organized in Riga (Latvia) the kick-off meeting of the EU-funded project More Than Gold (MTG), which involves the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, EAS (represented by Laura Capranica and Mojca Doupona), the Fundación Universitaria San Antonio, the University of Chieti-Pescara “Gabriele d’Annunzio”, the University of Coimbra. Mojca Doupona Mojca Doupona (EAS Treasurer, University of Ljubljana) and Laura Capranica (EAS President, University of Rome Foro Italico). In particular, MTG aims to collect and systematize policies and best practices to develop Dual Career Guidelines and Methodologies for higher education institutions (HEI). This Collaborative Partnership will allow countries with partial (Italy) and limited (Latvia and Romania) dual career policies and services to take advantage from the experience of EAS and of countries where dual career is well-established (Portugal and Spain).
  • February 18-22: The transnational meeting of the EU-funded AMID project was held in Rovaniemi (Finland), during which the activities related to dual career mobility measure for migrating athletes were updated. The project is coordinated by the University of Salzburg, and involves EAS (represented by Laura Capranica), the Lapland University of Applied Science, the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, the University of Hamburg, and the University of Ljubljana. During the meeting, the proposal for the 2019 Collaborative Partnership Skills4Life was envisioned.
  • February 26-27: The coordinator of the EU-funded ED-MEDIA project, Lithuanian Sports University, hosted in Kaunas (Lithuania) the Partners of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași; EAS (represented by Antonio Figueiredo e Ole Keldorf), the EUSA Institute, the German Sport University Cologne, the University of Ljubljana, the University of Rome Foro Italico, and the University of Valencia-Spain. The project aims to proactively act for changes in the attitude towards an athletes’ dual career by deliberately shaping a positive image of athletes as students.
  • April 8-9: The European Commission, Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture under the EU Romanian Presidency organized the 2019 EU Sport Forum in Bucharest (Romania). President Laura Capranica represented EAS as one of the 400 European sport policy makers and stakeholders involved in international relations and cooperation. During the event, the rights and interests of athletes were discussed, with several contribution underlying the role of education. Further information is available at:
Upcoming events
  • April 23-25: INSEP (Paris, France) will host the transnational meeting of the EU-funded project EMPATIA during which the contributions of France, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, and Slovenian parent of talented and elite athletes will be analysed to direct the development of a dual career parenting education programme.
  • April 26-27: The Executive Committee will meet at INSEP in Paris (France) to discuss the past activities of EAS and prepare future plans and actions of our Network.
  • May 7: The President of EAS, Laura Capranica, will take part in the EPAS Consultative Committee Bureau, in Paris (France).
  • May 15-16: The meeting Expert Group on Skills of the European Commission will be organized in Lisbon (Portugal). EAS will be represented by Laura Capranica (President) and Antonio Figuereido (ExCom Member, neo ViceRector of the University of Coimbra).
  • June 27-28 The transnational meeting of the EU-funded project More Than Gold will take place in Murcia (Spain).
  • August 29-30: The transnational meeting of the EU-funded project Ed Media will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
  • September 10-11: The transnational meeting of the EU-funded project AMID will take place in Cassino (Italy).
  • September 18-20, 2019 The University of Dalarna will host the 16th EAS Annual Conference in Falun (Sweden). => Conference is the dual career knowledge-hub of EAS members, EU-funded projects, and researchers. The Conference venue has been the home of Bengt Nybelius, which gives a special importance to the “Bengt Nybelius Scholarship”. The call for papers and more information are available here.
REMARK – ERASMUS+ support!
Member institutions, which do have an Erasmus-Charter, are able apply for staff- mobility funding throughout their international officies. They need to send the conference program with the application. They shall then contact the international office (Susanne Corrigox: and Dalarna University will create an EARSMUS-agreement with the applicants.
A special thank to the Executive Committee and the Members of our Network for their proactive attitude in the recruitment of new EAS members and the advancement of the European dual career culture. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to keep disseminating the EAS activities at local, regional and national levels.
Prof. Laura CAPRANICA,
EAS President
Due the Romanian presidency, on April 8-9 the European Commission organized the 2019 EU Sport Forum in Bucharest, which is a major EU assembly for the EU sports stakeholders and policy makers.
The two-day event encompassed five plenary sessions (“Doping in Sport”, “The Role of Sport Federations in the Promotion of European Sport”, “Can Europe Still Attract Major Sports Events Europe?”, “Update on European Commission Activities”, and “How will Europeans Engage in Spirt in the Future?”) and six parallel sessions (“Are the Rights and Interests of Athletes Sufficiently Taken into Account by Sport Governing Bodies?”, “How Can Schools Better Contribute to the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles?”, “Are sport rights sufficiently protected in the EU?”, “Why and How Should Grassroots Sport Be Financed?”, “Justice in Sport”, and “Challenges of Less Popular Sports”).
The Forum presented another valuable opportunity for EAS to strengthen partnerships and to network with potential new partners.

On February 26-27, 2019, the coordinator Lithuanian Sports University(Lithuania) hosted in Kaunas the Partners of the EU-funfed ED-MEDIA project (University of Rome Foro Italico-Italy;the European University Sports Association “EUSA” Institute-Slovenia; the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași-Romania; the University of Valencia-Spain; the German Sport University Cologne-Germany; the University of Ljubljana-Slovenia; and the European Athlete as Student “EAS” Network).

The purpose of the project is to proactively act for changes in the attitude towards an athletes’ dual career by deliberately shaping a positive image of athletes as students, as well as encouraging sports organizations to pursue the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes.

To achieve its aim, the evidence-base and eminence-base knowledge on media coverage of dual careers athletes in the Partner Countries will be the basis for the development of:

  • Recommendations for the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Career of Athletes and Strategy of raising awareness through media;
  • An educational platform to produce a powerful knowledge-exchange and resources enhancing the European sports community to strengthen dual career policies in Europe;
  • The development and implementation of an online educational program (using online platform) for athletes, sport organizations;

Overall, ED-MEDIA intends to boost a qualitatively attitude towards athletes as students and to encourage stakeholders to contribute to the improvement of conditions for athletes at the individual (e.g., the athlete), organizational (e.g., sports organization), and policy levels.

EAS is represented by its ExCom Members Ole Keldorf (ESAA) and Antonio Figueiredo (University of Coimbra).

On January 31 and February 1, 2019. The EU-funded Dual Career for Women Athletes (DONA) projectkicked off in Istres, France. DONA aims to empower women’s volleyball players by investigating, developing and testing a dual career methodology at club level.
It is coordinated by the Associació Esportiva Carles Vallbona (Spain) and involves the Malta Volleyball Association (Malta), the Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini Soc. Coop. Sociale SD (Italy), the Associação Aventura com Carisma – Leixoes Sport Club (Portugal), Istres Provence Volleyball (France), the De SportMaatschappij Foundation (Netherlands), the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and the European Athlete as Student (EAS) Dual Career Network (Malta).
To cover the several important development stages that encompass relevant changes at academic, athletic, psychological, social and professional levels, DONAtargets arounf 250 female volleyball athletes between 12-20 years old. Upon the development of a dual career methodology, a Dual Career Club Management (DCCM) unit will support and help the players throughout a 3-semester pilot programme, whereas the volleyball clubs will create an optimal DC environment in cooperation with educational institutions.
The ultimate goals of DONA are aimed to:
· decrease female athletes’ dropout from sport clubs;
· prepare athletes from an early age for the different transition periods ahead with developing the needed skills and competences;
· increase the number of professional and elite female volleyball players by retaining talents at clubs and supporting their DC development;
· make young athletes and their families aware that it is possible to aim for both educational and sports career;
· help them finding the right balance between sports and education with providing them the needed support services;
· prepare these athletes for their upcoming challenge to be successful in the change from elite sport to labour market – for the “career after the career”.
Mojca Doupona (EAS Treasurer, University of Ljubljana) and Joerg Foerster (EAS Secretary, German University Sport Federation-adh) represent EAS in the project.