On June 7, 2017 EAS participated to the final meeting of the Erasmus + ESTPORT project held at UCAM University in Murcia, Spain.

The UCAM – ES coordinated the ESTport project aimed at developing an innovative tutorship for the dual career of student-sthletes, in partnership with the University of Malta – MT, The University of Thessaly – GR, The University of Rome Foro Italico – IT, The Trinity College of the Leeds University – UK, and the University Europa Community Ltd.

The President of the UCAM, Dr. Josè Luis Mendoza Prez, and the coordinator of the project, Dr. Antonio Sanchez Pato, opened the final event, which was attended by the Secretary of State for Sport Spanish Government, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Olympic athletes enrolled at UCAM.

In addition to the dissemination of the projects results, the event included also roundtables with the student-athletes on their real experiences, with the ESTport members on the future lines of work, with the European stakeholders on the future of dual career in Europe.

In particular, with Agata Dziarnowska – European Commission, Claudia Bokel – ADECCO, Rossana Ciuffetti – School of Sports of the Italian Olympic Committee, Miguel Torregrosa Alvarez – the University of Barcelona, and Sergio Lopez- Andujac – PROAD-CSD, the President of EAS, Laura Capranica, discussed the improvements of the dual career of student-athletes in the last decade, the life of a high performance athlete who wants to study at the university, the barriers to develop the dual-career political framework, and the dual career roadmap from different perspectives.

The project results are reported in the handbook “An Innovative European Sports Tutorship Model of the Dual Career of Student-Athletes”, Edited by Sánchez Pato A., Isidori E., Calderón A., and Brunton J.


Bengt Nybelius, the founder of the European Athlete as Student Network (EAS), was a brilliant mind, who settled the objectives and the structure of the organisation in 2004.

He passed away in 2011, and EAS decided to establish a scholarship to carry on the legacy of his work. Therefore, we are happy to announce the Call for Paper of the “2017 Bengt Nybelius Scholarship”

The aim of the Bengt Nybelius Scholarship is to facilitate the integration of outstanding scholars and young researchers in the area of dual career.

Please see the added paper: EAS_C4P_Bengt-Nybelius-Scholarship.

Requests of further information, if needed, could be addressed to info(a)

We are looking forward to receiving your application!
The Board of EAS

On behalf of the Network, EAS President Prof. Dr. Capranica participated in the 10th EPAS Conference in Limassol, Cyprus. On that occasion she met with several representatives of international institutions like FISU and others.

The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) of the Council of Europe organised its 10th anniversary conference on “Working together to build and consolidate democracy, tolerance and inclusion” in co-operation with Cyprus Sport Organisation on 11 May 2017 in Limassol, Cyprus.

Since its creation in 2007, EPAS has been promoting diversity in and through sport and provided a platform for intergovernmental sports co-operation between the public authorities of its member states. After ten years, it was time to take stock of the achievements of the EPAS diversity activities and to discuss its future strategic orientation. For this reason, high profile speakers discussed the relevance of values, such as diversity and inclusion through and in sport.

The programme featured direct presentations including the results of the EPAS diversity activities, a high-profile panel discussion and workshops on the future strategy of EPAS.


The EPAS Consultative Committee adopted a resolution concerning the closure of UNOSDP based on the new cooperation with the IOC announced on the 5 may 2017.

The Consultative Committee of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport under the Council of Europe expresses its concern over the sudden closure of the United Nations Office for Sport Development & Peace, which since the beginning of the century has played an important role as catalyst, adviser and advocate for a wide global group of stakeholders committed to strengthening the role of sport in society.

Given that this decision is very recent and very little information has been given to make a balanced assessment of its impact,

The EPAS CC considers nevertheless that this decision might send a problematic message, at a point in time where the awareness about the societal role of sport is growing in general, and where in particular the UN, several governments and numerous organisations from civil society is wishing to focus on how sport can contribute to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The members of the EPAS CC remain committed to the continuation of the work and initiatives developed by UNOSDP and encourage future policies to be defined through a wide collaborative effort among stakeholders in upholding and protecting the role of sport in society.

On behalf of the Consultative Committee, gathered in Limassol, Cyprus, 9 May 2017

Jens Sejer Andersen

Chair / International director, Play the Game

EAS Board meeting at INSEP / Paris to discuss the involvement of member institutions in actual projects, outcome and EU policy on that issue, link to EU Sport Unit and preparation of this years annual conference in Aarhus / Denmark.


We are pleased to inform you that our renewed website ( is online again and it will give you actual information about our projects and latest acitvities.

EAS participated in the following European events:

January 31, 2017; EU SPORT Infoday in Brussels, Belgium, which provided valuable information on funding opportunities in 2017 ( information available at: ( During this event, future cooperation with EU Organizations and Institutions was envisaged. As a result, EAS participated as partner in the application of the following EU Cooperative Partnerships on dual career submitted on April 6, 2017:

Applicant: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia;
Involved Institutions: University of Rome Foro Italico (ITA), University of Limerick (IRL), University of Coimbra (POR), INESP (FRA), EAS Network (MLT), EUSA (SLO), CONI (ITA), Sport Ireland Institute (IRL), Ginasio Clube Figueirense (POR);
Project aim: The primary aim of the EMPATIA project is to structure an evidence-based e-learning multi-lingual educational programme specifically tailored for dual career parenting, thus implementing the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes (European Commission, 2012).

Applicant: University of Salzburg, Austria;
Involved Institutions: University Hamburg (GER), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Lapland University of Applied Science (FIN), University of Cassino and southern Lazio (ITA), EAS Network (MLT);
Project aim: To facilitate the athletic and academic careers (e.g., dual career) of migrating athletes by envisioning DC mobility measures.

– SportDUO
Applicant: Hokejska Zveza Slovenije (HZS), Slovenia;
Involved Institutions: Österreichischer Eishockeyverband (OEHV. AUT), Hrvatski Savez Hokeja Na Ledu (HSHL, CRO), Magyar Jégkorong Szövetség (MJSZ, HUN), University of Ljubljana (SLO), EAS Network (MLT);
Project aim: To raise awareness and support development of dual career friendly ice hockey sport environment, while its intellectual outputs have great potential to support similar initiatives in other sport disciplines and countries.

March 8-9, 2017; EU Sport Forum held in St. Julian’s, Malta (more information is available at:

DC4AC Conference “Dual Career of Élite Athletes A Look at European Experiences and a Reflection on What Still Needs to Be Done: Implementing EU Guidelines for Dual Career of Élite Athletes” held in Milan, Italy as part of the EU project “Regional Center for Dual Career Policy and Advocacy”.

Upcoming events:
May 04-06 ; EAS board meeting at INSEP to discuss actual project involvements, outcomes and resulting strategies.
The 13th EAS Annual Conference will take place from 12th -14th of September 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark within the Sport Summit in conjunction with ENSE, ICCE and SNE. The Conference will be a tremendous opportunity to share information on the recently EU-funded projects on Dual Career and to have young researchers submitting their work for the Bengt Nybelius Scholarship.

Please find more information as well here:


EAS is supporting the #EUSportIntegrityDay, which takes place on the 15th of April every year. This athlete-led initiative aims at raising awareness about match fixing and showing our commitment to the integrity of sport. To find out more visit the website:

Match-fixing is widely regarded as one of the major threats to sport. It undermines the values of sport such as integrity, fair play, respect for others and have a negative impact on the life of people involved in sport. We want you to show your support by tweeting/posting our key messages to raise awareness throughout Europe.

Tackling match-fixing requires strong and organised cooperation between the different stakeholders (sports organisations, police, governments, supporters, NGO’s, coaches, athletes themselves and others). If this issue is not properly addressed, organized sport will lose its credibility and support from fans. This is why #EUSportIntegrityDay is open to everyone who is committed to fighting match fixing. It is designed to:

  • raise awareness amongst stakeholder and everyone who loves sport
  • re-inforce the key education messages about sports betting integrity
  • showcase the good practice in the fight against match fixing
  • demonstrate a public commitment to prevent match fixing harming our sports

Use your social media platforms as we do to promote #EUSportIntegrityDay. Some sample messages are available in the resources section below but feel free to use your own messages, just remember to include the hashtag #EUSportIntegrityDay.


Dear Friends and Colleagues and Partners,

The EAS Network improved its organization in 2016 by establishing its legal seat in Malta.  (more…)


European Athlete as Student (EAS) – the Dual Career Network and European University Sports Association (EUSA) on 8th of December 2016, signed a  to improve cooperation between the organisations in the field of “Dual Career” for student athletes. (more…)


Opening of the EAS 13th Annual Conference in Rovaniemi/ Finland was done by Mr. Niko Niemisalo, project manager and partner of the Organising Committee, Dr. Outi Hyry-Honka, Director of School of Social Services, Health and Sport, professor Kaarina Määttä, University of Lapland, Faculty of Education and Professor Laura Capranica, President of EAS.  (more…)


Opening of the 13th annually EAS Conference in Rovaniemi/ Finland was done by Mr. Niko Niemisalo, project manager and partner of OC, Dr. Outi Hyry-Honka, Director of School of Social Services, Health and Sport. (more…)