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The EPAS provides a platform for intergovernmental sport cooperation between the public authorities of its Member States. It also encourages dialogue between public authorities, sports federations and NGOs.

This contributes to better governance in order to make sport more ethical, more inclusive and safer. The EPAS Advisory Committee met on 10 September at the Council of Europe headquarters in Paris.

Laurence BLONDEL, member of INSEP’s Board of Directors and member of the Executive Board of EAS, represented EAS on this committee. The purpose of the meeting day was to review the mandate of the EPAS Advisory Committee adopted by the Governing Board on May 18, 2016.

This representation is particularly important for the EAS because we have voices and listening to European partners on the importance of the dual career of high level athletes.

Present have been:

  • Mr Jens Sejer ANDERSEN, Chair of the EPAS Consultative Committee, International Director Danish Institute for Sport Studies PLAY THE GAME
  • Mr Michal BUCHEL, Vice-Chair of the EPAS Consultative Committee, Chief Executive Officer International SAMBO Federation (FIAS)
  • Mr Carlos CARDOSO, President European  Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO)
  • Ms Paulina TOMCZYK, General Secretary EU Athletes
  • Ms Annette WACHTER, Co-President European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF)
  • Laurence BLONDEL, Executive Board Member European Athlete Student (EAS)
  • Mr Michael TRINKER, EPAS Deputy Executive Secretary

Photo and text by L.BLONDEL

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