ENAS Conference, Lisbon, Poster Session 10th November

EAS Partner Network European Network of Academic Sport Services, or better known as ENAS, is currently holding its 15th annual conference in Lisbon. The conference is hosted by EAS Member Institution University of Lisbon and has an exciting four day schedule.

On Saturday 10th November the conference is hosting a ‘Poster Session’ where Jorg Foerster, EAS Executive Board Member, will be presenting this poster on behalf of EAS for the interest of the conference participants. This leaflet has been designed to assist the poster with additional information about EAS, with the opportunity for individuals to request any further details if needed.

These promotional materials are designed to assist the development project of the EAS Network, encouraging further traffic to this website and the EAS twitter page @EASDualCareer.

We wish Duarte and his colleagues at the University of Lisbon a successful and enjoyable conference!



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