The European Employment Forum was held in Brussels from November 27 – 28, 2012. Within the Forum Programme and exhibition Focus Group discussion and meetings were organised. The Focus Group meeting titled: “Transition from the Spotlight to the Labour Market – How elite athletes contribute to the success of companies after sport” – Focus Group sponsored and organised by Adecco emphasised the dual career effect and employers’ approach.

The Focus Group provided insights by featuring Ms Frauke Penen, a retired Olympic Silver Medalist who went through the BOIC ACP after her relay running career and worked for Adecco Belgium; to Mr Tibor Kozsla, the President of EAS who spoke about the Regulatory efforts in the EU to facilitate the integration of sports people into the labour market, Mr Mark de Smedt, Country Manager of Adecco Belgium, a partner of the Belgian National Olympic Committee. The discussion was facilitated by Mr Patrick Glennon, Adecco Senior Vice President forthe IOC and the IPC Athlete Career Programme.

The meeting discussed the phenomenon that refers to the case of the most inclusive Olympic and Paralympic Games ever which took place in London, the world of sport has once again shown us that talent, passion, determination, hard work, and attitude are just a few of the personal traits athletes have that are a key to success. How often one can wonder where these athletes go after the applause falls silent and the Games are over? Have anyone ever thought of hiring an employee with the traits which make elite athletes become the best in their discipline?

The audience of the meeting was very active and supported and encouraged the approach of employers hiring former athletes, highlighting their positive attitude for work and problem solving in working environment. Contributed participant described that the sport is and asset to the company while shortlisting applicants for a position, athlete career has a dominant selection criterion due to sophisticated life and success oriented skills that former athletes carry on for life.

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