During her visit to the Institute of Sports Science of the University of Taipei at the end of November, EAS President Laura Capranica lectured Master’s and PhD students on dual career and disseminated the aims and progresses of the AMID, DONA, Ed Media, EMPATIA, More Than Gold, SOS, and Starting 11 European Collaborative Partnerships.

Furthermore, during the International Conference organized to celebrate the foundation of the University, the dual career parenting evidence and eminence research findings of the EMPATIA projects were presented to scholars, physical education teachers, and students.

The University of Taipei applied as member of EAS, having a strong legacy to dual career. In particular, this University collaborated in the organization of the 2017 Summer Universiade, during which the FISU-EAS survey was administered to athletes as students.

The results of this research have been recently published (, providing interesting information on dual career worldwide.

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