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On February 19-22, the Lapin AMK University of Lapland hosted the third transnational meeting of the EU-funded AMID project, which aims to promote and implement dual career, especially targeting athletes migrating for sport, academics or both.

The Head of International office of Lapland AMK welcomed the Coordinator (University of Salzburg – AUT) the Partners (University Sport Service Hamburg – GER; Lapland University of Applied Sciences – FIN, University of Ljubljana – SLO, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio – ITA, and EAS – MLT), and the students to be involved in discussions. The Partners have illustrated the recent activities and findings, future steps, schedule, and dissemination activities.

Mr. Juha Dahlström from the Finnish Olympic Committee participated in the meetings of the last two days, which also included a discussion on the opportunity to develop a skill-based educational curriculum for a full recognition of the informal education through sports.

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