November 2019

On November 20, 2019 the Department of Law of the University of Bergamo will host the IXth edition of the conference “Europe and Sport”. This year the conference will focus on the right to education of student-athletes and the relevance of dual careers programmes at Italian level.
During the event, the book “La doppia carriera degli atleti: Una sfida culturale vincente” (Dual career of athletes: A winning cultural challenge) by Prof. Stefano Bastianon will be presented. As an Associate Professor of European Law at the University of Bergamo and an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Prof. Bastianon offers unique legal and organizational perspectives of the Italian ​approach to dual career, and his book could be considered a benchmark for research and good practices for the benefit of athletes as students.
President Laura Capranica will present the activities of EAS and moderate a roundtable discussion between the Author and Filippo Bazzanella (University of Trento, Unisport-Italia Network), Francesca Pedrazzini-Pesce (Sport Office, Canton Ticino, Switzerland), Francesco Calvetti (Polytechnic of Milan), Marco Barla (Polytechnic of Turin).
Antonio Borgogni (University of Bergamo) will summarize the outcomes of the event to guide future activities towards the implementation of dual career.

The 5th meeting European Commission Expert Group “Skills and Human Resources Development in Sport” was held in the Castello of Buonconsiglio of Trento, Italy on November 5-6, 2019.

Dr. Yves Le Lostecque, Agata Dziarnowska, and Nais Rigollet welcomed the national Delegates of the Member States and the Observers, provided the updates of the European Commission in the sport field, and moderated four sessions encompassingDual career; Education of coaches; Qualifications Skills in Sport; and the Italian sport system. Furthermore, before the meeting the Participants visited SPIN Italy, the world’s biggest accelerator for creating successful sports start-ups, in Rovereto. 

During the session on Dual Career, Prof. Paolo Bouquet (University of Trento) informed on the initiatives of UniSport Italia, the network of the Italian universities; Prof. Stefano Bastianon (University of Bergamo) illustrated the dual career system in Italy and presented the potential of the TopFit judgement of the Court of Justice (June 13, 2019 case C-22/18) on European dual career (see also Eurojus 2019, 4, pp. 81-85) ; and Prof. Laura Capranica (EAS President, University of Rome Foro Italico) illustrated the role of EAS in the development of a European dual career culture, and urged the Delegates to support the development of national guidelines and the involvement of dual career national stakeholders in Collaborative Partnerships relevant to their contexts.

Initiated by the conference of EAS held in Falun the Faculty launched the first activities related to the dual career of athletes. During the XXII International scientific conference „FIS COMMUNICATIONS 2019“ (17 – 19 October 2019) organized by the Faculty, a panel discussion with the topic “Dual career of athletes” was held.

Special guests of that panel discussion had been Dejan Savic, Head Coach of Serbian water polo national team and former water polo player, and Predrag Danilovic, president of the Basketball Federation of Serbia and former basketball player.

During his playing career, Dejan Savic won two Olympic bronze medals (Sidney 2000 and Beijing 2008) and one Olympic silver medal in Athens 2004. As a coach of the national team he won the 2016 Olympic Games, the 2015 World Championship, three European Championships (2014, 2016 and 2018), and six World League titles.
Predrag Danilovic also had a great sports career. With the national basketball team, Danilović won the gold medals at the the 1989 Euro Basket, 1991 Euro Basket, 1995 Euro Basket and the 1997 Euro Basket. He was also a member of the silver medal winning national team of Yugoslavia at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. After his successful sports career he started to work as administrative staff. From 2007 to 2015 he served as the president of Basketball Team “Partizan” and from 2015 to present he is the president of Basketball Federation of Serbia.

During the panel discussion guests spoke about their experience related to the education of athletes, about the problems of managing educational duties and sports career duties, about the educational role of sport and possibilities of integration of athletes in common life activities and society after finishing sports career.

This panel discussion was one of the first activities in Serbia devoted to the dual career of athletes. Extensively discussion with a lot of questions from the audience are the certain clue that this field has potential for development in Serbia. Faculty of sport and physical education in Nis presented his role as a leader in the development of the dual career of athletes in Serbia with distance learning master studies program for athletes.

Report given by
Nenad Stojiljkovic

Looking for new project opportunities?

The European Commission has published the new Erasmus+ Programme Call for Proposals and the new Erasmus+ Programme Guide for 2020.

The documents provide an overview of the possibilities for projects to be funded by the European Union within the Erasmus+ programme.

2020 is the last year of the current European Union programme for mobility and cooperation in education, training, youth and sport. The expected budget of over €3 billion, an increase of 12% compared to 2019.