January 2020

The organizing committee of the 21st Miguel’s Race (the 10-km Miguel’s Race involving around 10,000 participants to commemorate the young Argentine poet and runner Miguel Benacio Sánchez killed in 1978 during the Argentine dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla) in cooperation with the Italian Federation of Athletics (FIDAL) and the Italian Union of Sport for All (UISP) on January 24-25, 2020 organized the conference “If the School Starts Running” in Rome, Italy.

The Italian Ministry of Youth and Sports (Vincenzo Spatafora) and the Vice Ministry of Education (Anna Ascani), the FIDAL President (Alfio Giomi), and the UISP President (Vincenza Manco), presented the vision of Italian policy makers on sport and education.

In addressing the audience on the relevance of sport for educating the responsibility, the EAS President, Laura Capranica, presented the main challenges, opportunities and activities in dual career, including the education of parents and of media in support of student-athletes.

In focus of the first day have been the recent working packages and their current status. Associació Esportiva Carles Vallbona (SPA) gave an update on the current project management status, followed by a presentation and discussion of the “pilot program” developed by De SportMaatschappij Foundation (NED).

EAS (MLT) presented the preparation for the selection & set-up of an “International Women DC Ambassador Network” and the next steps following, when the interviews based on the guidelines will be delivered by the involved clubs.

During a break, participants have had a guided tour through the “Dome” of the most successful Volleyball Club in Italy, Pannini Modena and met the former top player and actual coach of the German National Team, Andrea Giani.


After that, the clubs presented their activities related to the pilot program and their activities within the project itself.

University Ljubljana presented then the design of the monitoring and evaluation methodology, Partners’ role – Structure of partners providing data – Intellectual Output and the planned intellectual output.

The first day ended with a common panel discussion with the partners of the SCORES E+ project, which as well contributes to Dual Career development in Europe and focuses on employability and supporting services, and therefore the topic “Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development”.

DONA is based on the ERASMUS+ Collaborative Partnership program of EU. It is coordinated by the Associació Esportiva Carles Vallbona (Spain) and involves the Malta Volleyball Association (Malta), the Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini Soc. Coop. Sociale SD (Italy), the Associação Aventura com Carisma – Leixoes Sport Club (Portugal), Istres Provence Volleyball (France), the De SportMaatschappij Foundation (Netherlands), the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and the European Athlete as Student (EAS) Dual Career Network (Malta).

The University of Gothenburg is with over 47 500 students and 6 400 employees a large and inspiring place to work and study in Sweden. Strong research and study programmes attract scientists and students from around the world.

Currently, over 110 elite athletes from more than 20 different Olympic, non-Olympic and para-Olympic sports study at the University of Gothenburg. Athletes can choose any educational programme they wish to study on bachelor or master level.


Athlete students have access to a broad range of support services, including study and career advice, performance testing, medical support, thematic seminars and free access to the gym. Beyond providing dual career support for athlete students, the University of Gothenburg also offers higher academic education for sports coaches and teachers at elite sport schools; collaborates with sport clubs and federations to develop elite sport research and an attractive elite sport environment in the larger Gothenburg region.

The University of Gothenburg has since 2015 the status of one of the Swedish Sports Confederations’ National Sports Universities (in Swedish Riksidrottsuniversitet, RIU). To create a supportive dual career and elite sport environment, the University of Gothenburg collaborates closely with Chalmers University of Technology, the regional sport confederation (Västra Götalands Idrottsförbund), and the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbund).

For further information:

Short promotion film on the University of Gothenburgs’ dual career scheme: https://play.gu.se/media/0_mes938hi

Project website: https://medarbetarportalen.gu.se/studieadministration/sah-grund-avancerad-niva/riu/