In focus of the first day have been the recent working packages and their current status. Associació Esportiva Carles Vallbona (SPA) gave an update on the current project management status, followed by a presentation and discussion of the “pilot program” developed by De SportMaatschappij Foundation (NED).

EAS (MLT) presented the preparation for the selection & set-up of an “International Women DC Ambassador Network” and the next steps following, when the interviews based on the guidelines will be delivered by the involved clubs.

During a break, participants have had a guided tour through the “Dome” of the most successful Volleyball Club in Italy, Pannini Modena and met the former top player and actual coach of the German National Team, Andrea Giani.


After that, the clubs presented their activities related to the pilot program and their activities within the project itself.

University Ljubljana presented then the design of the monitoring and evaluation methodology, Partners’ role – Structure of partners providing data – Intellectual Output and the planned intellectual output.

The first day ended with a common panel discussion with the partners of the SCORES E+ project, which as well contributes to Dual Career development in Europe and focuses on employability and supporting services, and therefore the topic “Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development”.

DONA is based on the ERASMUS+ Collaborative Partnership program of EU. It is coordinated by the Associació Esportiva Carles Vallbona (Spain) and involves the Malta Volleyball Association (Malta), the Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini Soc. Coop. Sociale SD (Italy), the Associação Aventura com Carisma – Leixoes Sport Club (Portugal), Istres Provence Volleyball (France), the De SportMaatschappij Foundation (Netherlands), the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and the European Athlete as Student (EAS) Dual Career Network (Malta).

Only few places are still available, to participate at this outstanding meeting of experts in dual career from all over Europe.

The 16th EAS Conference will engage dual career experts from all over Europe to discuss the role of education in elite sport, present outcomes and progression of dual career projects, and develop new partnerships and initiatives for future collaborative partnerships.
Do not miss the chance, to join the 16th annual EAS Conference and General Assembly in Falun/SWE at Dalarna University to get an idea on the state of art in that special field of European Sport policy.

Best practice and running EU funded projects on dual career will be presented through that three days in the heart of Sweden. Take the chance to exchange and learn from colleagues in your field of interest. Based on ERASMUS+ STaffExchange you can apply for financial support from EU.

The deadline to register for the conference is September 5, 2019 at https://axacoair.se/go?aT2rWxId

The new year 2019 started with a visit of EAS President, Prof. Laura Capranica, at EAS member institution INSEP in Paris (France).

In focus of the meeting had been, the new developed platform for elite French athletes called “PORTAIL DE SUIVI QUOTIDIEN DU SPORTIF“ (PSQS). That platform …

  • does have the possibility to increase data for individual profiles of the four (elite, senior, youth, retired) athlete categories
  • does have restricted areas for stakeholders like parents, teachers, coaches, medical doctors, etc.
  • allows medical and Socio-professional monitoring for athletes,
  • gives access to theNetwork Grand INSEP (other regional structures) and National Sport Federations (which can add data too)
  • support the dual career with information on Internat (internship/Boarding school) , scholarship (monitoring) and actualities
  • does have a special area for Ultramarins (athletes from french islands)
  • will reference for further information, if possible

By launching that platform, INSEP is aiming to systemize the different athletes service areas on one digital platform, for athletes and all related persons and institutions in the field of elite sport.

The EPAS provides a platform for intergovernmental sport cooperation between the public authorities of its Member States. It also encourages dialogue between public authorities, sports federations and NGOs.

This contributes to better governance in order to make sport more ethical, more inclusive and safer. The EPAS Advisory Committee met on 10 September at the Council of Europe headquarters in Paris.

Laurence BLONDEL, member of INSEP’s Board of Directors and member of the Executive Board of EAS, represented EAS on this committee. The purpose of the meeting day was to review the mandate of the EPAS Advisory Committee adopted by the Governing Board on May 18, 2016.

This representation is particularly important for the EAS because we have voices and listening to European partners on the importance of the dual career of high level athletes.

Present have been:

  • Mr Jens Sejer ANDERSEN, Chair of the EPAS Consultative Committee, International Director Danish Institute for Sport Studies PLAY THE GAME
  • Mr Michal BUCHEL, Vice-Chair of the EPAS Consultative Committee, Chief Executive Officer International SAMBO Federation (FIAS)
  • Mr Carlos CARDOSO, President European  Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO)
  • Ms Paulina TOMCZYK, General Secretary EU Athletes
  • Ms Annette WACHTER, Co-President European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF)
  • Laurence BLONDEL, Executive Board Member European Athlete Student (EAS)
  • Mr Michael TRINKER, EPAS Deputy Executive Secretary

Photo and text by L.BLONDEL

September and October had been busy weeks for EAS board members. Added to the 15th EAS Annual Conference a lot of meetings, conferences, workshops took place related with “Dual Career” projects, researches and policy frame work.

05th-07th September 2018 – AMID Project Meeting in Ljubljana

The 2nd meeting of the EU project AMID has been held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) to discuss the data on migrating athletes collected online and on-site during the 2018 EUSA Games in Coimbra, Portugal. The meeting has been very fruitful and further steps of the project and dissemination activities have been envisaged. In particular, the AMID Team agreed to present the findings during the 2018 Annual EAS Conference in Coimbra, Portugal.

The Slovenian Partner also organized a rich social event, inviting the AMID Team to attend two international sports events: the soccer match UEFA Nations League Slovenia vs Romania and the men’s volleyball match USA vs Canada at the Ljubljana Volleyball Challenge organized right before FIVB World Championship to be held in Italy.

Athletic migration: Dual Career and qualification in sports (AMID) is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It promotes and supports good governance in sport and Dual Careers of athletes by building a network for exchange of best practices, by developing skills and competences in Dual Career, especially addressing migrating athletes.

More information on the AMID project is available at


11th-12th September 2018 – EMPATIA Project Meeting in Coimbra

On September 11 and 12, University of Coimbra hosted the 2nd coordination meeting of the EU-funded EMPATIA project – “Educational Model for Parents of Athletes in Academics”.


The representatives of the project partners met in the “Biblioteca Geral” library, discussing the project status, data gathered so far from the literature review and focus groups. The group also discussed the next research phase and steps in the project. EMPATIA project was also presented at the EAS annual Conference and General Assembly, which took place at the University of Coimbra from September 12-14, 2018.

EMPATIA project is co-funded through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union as a Sports Collaborative Partnership. Its aim is to promote and implement dual career, especially targeting parents and guardians of talented and elite athletes, having primary responsibilities in supporting the combination of sport and education careers of their progeny for a holistic development as future European citizens and employees.

27th September 2018 – High Level Round Table during the Event “European Week of Sport Beyond Borders”

EAS President prof. Laura Capranica was invited to participate in a High Level Round Table during the event “European Week of Sport Beyond Borders” in Belgrade, Serbia, on September 27, 2018. The event celebrated The European Week of Sport held for the first time in this country (September 23- 30, 2018) with the support of the European Union and organized by the Olympic Committee of Serbia and the Ministry of youth and sport of the Republic of Serbia.

Health, well-being, societal and economic aspects of sports have been discussed with the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Tibor Navracsics, the Member of the European Parliament Bodgan Venta, the Sport Unit officers of the European Commission Yves Le Lostecque and Agata Dziarnowska, and high personalities and policy makers of the Member States and Balcan Countries.

At the end of the high-level round table, most of the participants engaged in a futsal tournament making alive the #BEACTIVE goal. Further information is available at:


05th-6th October 2018 – “Olympism in Action” in Buenos Aires

On October 5-6, 2018 in Buenos Aires the International Olympic Committee (IOC) organized the Forum “Olympism in Action” right before the Youth Olympic Games.

As a stakeholder of the Olympic Movement, the President of EAS was invited to attend plenary sessions and to participate in the workshops addressing relevant related to sport, including education. Further information is available at

… of the European Athlete as Student (EAS)

We are pleased to announce that on September 12-14, 2018 at the Museu da Ciência in the historical site of the University of Coimbra, Portugal the 15th EAS Annual Conference will bring together experts in all fields related with the educational and sport systems to discuss state-of-the-art on dual career and to foresee future projects, collaborations and friendships for the benefit of athletes as students.

The theme for the 2018 Conference is: “Establishing an effective framework in dual career” and will include presentations related to globalization in dual career, the dialectic relationship between club and high school, university sport, and sport governance.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to attend the presentation of the winner of the Bengt Nybelius scholarship for young investigators.

We invite you to submit your abstract before August 10, 2018.

Please feel free to inform the Colleagues of Yours who might be interested in the event and can contribute to the success of the EAS Conference. If there is any additional question, do not hesitate to send it to the local organizing committee – afigueiredo(a)fcdef.uc.pt – .

On behalf of the Executive Committee of EAS and the Organizing Committee of the 15th EAS Conference, I am looking forward to meet you again in Coimbra next September! Come and join us at the 15th Annual EAS Conference in Coimbra, Portugal! http://www.fcdef.uc.pt/eas2018

Antonio Figueiredo
Chairs Local Scientific Committee
Laura Capranica
EAS President
Joerg Foerster
EAS Secretary General

The University of Coimbra invited EAS to participate in the Rectors’ Conference entitled

Organization and Management Model of University Sport”

to be held in Coimbra, Portugal on July 14-15, 2018.

This prestigious event is part of the 4th European Universities Games to be held in Coimbra on July 15-28, 2018.

In particular, President Laura Capranica will share the EAS vision at the round table “Promoting Dual Career: a key issue for educational system” and will attend theOpening Ceremony of the 4thEuropean Universities Games 2018, which are the largest European multi-sport student event aimed at promoting friendly competition, friendship, unity and tolerance between European university students.

EAS as will be represented in Coimbra as well by Secretary General Joerg Foerster, who is a member of the Technical Commission and the actual Technical Delegate for Volleyball within EUSA.

More information about the European Universities Games 2018 can be found on the official website www.eug2018.com and the tentative programme of the Rector’ Conference is available at:

Being one of the oldest Universities in Europe, in 2018 the University of Coimbra will host from 12th to 14th of September the 14th Annual Conference of EAS, which is a perfect opportunity to discuss the state of the art and the future of dual career of European athletes as students through exchanges of examples of good practices, ideas, experiences, researches, and progresses of European projects.

On March 22 and 23 the President Laura Capranica represented EAS at EU Sport Forum 2018 ‘Sport in Europe, investing for future generations,’ organized in Sofia by the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The event involved 380 policy makers and key sports stakeholders, in addition to a live webstreaming audience. The main focus was on the impact of the Olympic games, the role of sport in the development of cities and regions and in fighting climate changes, the promotion of European values through sport diplomacy, the advancement of gender equality in sports and the transfer of athletes, the innovation of technologies and e-sports, and the need of supporting healthy active lifestyles in light of the Euroberometer 472 findings. These topics were discussed during both plenary and parallel sessions, which ensured a female representation in support of the No Women No Panel Campaign.

The 2018 EU Sport Forum was opened by the EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Mr Tibor Navracsics, the Bulgarian Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Krasen Kralev, the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova.

During the event, EAS has the opportunity to meet also with the European Commission’s Policy Officer Ms Agata Dziarnowska, the EUSA Secretary General Mr. Matjaz Pecovnik and the Communications and Projects Manager of the EUSA Institute Mr. Andrej Pizsl, partner in the dual career projects Education Model for Parents of AThletes In Academics (EMPATIA) and associated partner in Athletic Migration: Dual career and qualification in sports (AMID).

The Head of Sport Unit Mr. Yves Le Lostecque and the Deputy Director General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture Mr. Jens Nymand Christensen closed the 2018 EU Sport Forum, which emphasized the crucial role of sports in sharing European values.

Announcement of the upcoming elections @ the 2018 General Assembly in Coimbra

Dear Members,

hereby the Executive Committee likes to emphasize the member institutions to nominate candidates for the upcoming Executive Committee elections at the General Assembly of EAS in Coimbra / Portugal (12.-14. September 2018).

As mentioned in the General Assembly 2017 in Aarhus, the statutes point out the following rules for elections following the Maltese rules and regulations for Non Governmental Organizations with a legal seat in Malta.

Election and Retirement of Committee Members:
  • Nominations for Committee Members, shall be received before the thirty first (3l st) January each year. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor during an Annual General Meeting. All nominations must be duly proposed and seconded and bear the written consent of the person nominated.
  • An application for nomination shall be in the form, from time to time prescribed by the Committee, and shall include the name, address, date of birth and occupation of the candidate, ID Number, and the signature of the Proposer and the Seconder.

The EAS statutes can be seen here: EAS_Statutes-signed_26Jul2016

The nomination requires a form that includes:
  1.  Name – Address – Date of birth – Occupation of the candidate.
  2. ID number and signatures from 2 proposers.
  3. The completed forms need to be sent to the Secretary General who enters the names in the Register of Candidates (joerg.foerster@uni-hamburg.de)
  4. The Secretary informs the nominated people in writing after the election whether they were elected or not.
  5. Those who are elected shall receive a copy of the Statutes and the Bye-laws.
  6. The election must be completed during the General Assembly.

The necessary form can be downloaded here: EAS_Nomination form for Excom Members.

If there is any question, do not hesitate to get in touch with the EC by sending an eMail to the EC members. Contact data can be found here: http://www.dualcareer.eu/about-eas/

Kind regards

Joerg Foerster

Secretary General

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In 2017 EAS had a challenging year, full of fruitful partnerships with the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, EUSA and FISU. Furthermore, EAS actively promoted worldwide the European dual career values and expanded with new International Members.

We are looking forward to new and exciting opportunities in 2018, being involved in two EU-funded projects: EMPATIA focused on a dual career educational programme for parents, and AMID focused on the migrating athletes.  Furthermore, EAS will be always available to provide support to other projects seeking for cooperation.

To discuss key issues on education for athletes, to disseminate information on best practices, to promote cooperation and research, and to renovate our commitment in EAS, all of you are invited to attend the 15th Annual Conference of EAS to be held at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, next September 12-14, 2018.

To strengthen our efforts in dual career, we invite universities, high schools, sport organizations, and policy makers to renew the EAS membership for 2018 through the link:  http://www.dualcareer.eu/membership/

The Executive Board of EAS wishes you a 2018 full of happiness, peace, and success in helping athletes pursuing their sport and academic careers. We also strongly encourage you to be proactive in the recruitment of new EAS members.

May the spirit of the season and of dual career be upon you and your family!

The Executive Board of EAS