Dear friends and collegues,
on behalf of the EAS Executive Committee and the local Executive Committee of the EAS ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 in Coimbra / Portugal (12th – 14th September, 2018) I`d like to inform you about this program, which includes the EAS General Assembly 2018. The EAS General Assembly will be held at Friday 14th from 9:00-11:00 am in the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, Portugal.
Attached you can find the programm (Scientific Programme EAS 2018 COIMBRA) of the conference and as well the agenda (180825_Agenda – GA in Coimbra) for that General Assembly. By the reason that this years GA will see elections for the new board working period 2018-2022, I will give you a brief information about membership rights and duties as written in the statutes.


Membership and Dues

  • Members shall be expected to uphold the principles and ethos of the European Athlete Student, the dual career network as contained in its Statutes and agree to abide by the EAS Statutes, Bye-Laws, Policies and Procedures.
  • Members are institutions who have been accepted into membership by the Board.
  • Individual members may be:
    1. Honorary [ndividual Members: appointed from time to time by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the BoardHonorary members are appointed in recognition of their exceptional merit or service to EAS. Honorary members shall have the same rights as Full Members, and may attend Executive Board meetings, unless otherwise stated in these Bye-Laws.
    2. Institutional members are such organizations as the Board of EAS may from time to time recognize They may include International, National or Regional Athlete Student Associations, Federations or Organisations; Universities; Sport Organisations; Federations or Councils; Olympic Committees; Local Government sports departments; and suitable other properly constituted bodies .
Application for Membership
  • All applications for membership shall be subject to approval by the Board. The Board shall cause a response to be given within 60 days of receipt of an application to indicate whether the application has been accepted.
  • An institution does not become member until the application has been accepted and the membership fee for the current year has been paid in full.
  • The Board shall maintain register of names and addresses of all the members at all times .
Membership Fees
  1. All members, except honorary members shall pay an annual membership fee.
  2. Membership fees shall be determined from time to time by the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the Board. If a recommendation is not approved, or no recommendation is presented, then the existing fees shall continue to apply.
  3. The membership year shall be from the end of the Annual General Meeting of the General Assembly to the end of the next Annual General Meeting .
Election of the Executive Committee
  • only enrolled members are allowed to vote during the General Assembly.
  • Nominations for Committee Members, shall be received before the thirty first (31st) January each year. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor during an Annual General Meeting. All nominations must be duly proposed and seconded and bear the written consent of the person nominated. ff.… (see statutes =>   EAS_Statutes-signed_26Jul2016) 
  • Membership was informed by Website and Facebook in January about the procedure .
  • Till the 31st of January we received the following nominations for the upcoming EC Elections:
    • Ilvis Abelkalns – University of Latvia, LAT – Position EC Member
    • Laurence Blondel – INSEP Paris, FRA – Position EC Member
    • Laura Capranica – Foro Italico, ITA – Position President
    • Antonio Figueiredo – University of Coimbra, POR – Position EC Member
    • Ole Keldorf – Elite Sports Academy Aarhus, DEN – Position EC Member
    • Mojca Doupona Topic – University of Ljubljana, SLO – Position EC Member
    • Jörg Förster – University of Hamburg, GER  – Position EC Member

In any case of questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the EC by mail:; Joerg Foerster, Secretary General on behalf of EC

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