The EAS 10th conference was held in Trondheim, Norway from the 19th till the 21st September. It is a tradition at the EAS conference that the host country presents its dual career system, and it was the case in Norway as well.

The participants listened to numerous presentations from the professors, students and coaches of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the institution where the conference was held. Beyond them, a representative of the Norwegian Olympic Committee, Mr. Erling Rimeslatten also spoke about how they support the education of elite athletes.

This year – as in the previous years – we had the honour to hear Mr. Bart Ooijen – from the European Commission – talking about the latest news from the executive body of the EU. Representing the job market, Ms. Virpi Ojakangas, the Head of Adecco Finland held an interesting lecture.

For the first time in the history of the conference two active athletes spoke about their life experience. Tuva Toftdal Staver, a cross-country skier from Norway and Xicu Colomar Martin, a track and field athlete from Spain shared their personal tips of combining elite sport with studies and other engagements.

The first winner of the Bengt Nybelius Scholarship was announced during the Gala Dinner of the conference. The funder of EAS, Mr. Bengt Nybelius – who has passed away in 2011 – was a strong promoter of combining studies with high level sport. The Scholarship is named after him with the permission of his daughter, Ms. Marit Nybelius, who also attended the conference. The Scholarship – with 500 EUR prize money – was given to Ms. Sarah Seidl for her research carried out about the support of high performance sport in German universities.

Presntations from the conference are available for download on the 10th Annual Conference – Trondheim, Norway page.

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